We are a 3600 square foot antique mall with over 30 vendor booths. Vendors display a wide assortment of antiques and collectables. Items such as Fenton, Fiesta ware, Carnival Glass, Duncan Phyfe Furniture, Coins, Knives, and other assorted furniture can be found. To inquire about available booth space or showcase rental, use the contact us link to the left. 


We also have a limited edition prints by Kentucky artist Fred Thrasher.

For more information on Fred Thrasher Visit www.thrasherprints.com

Tammys Antiques & More

Jade, ivory, horn, and marble should be lightly dusted with a soft brush or dry, soft cloth. Keep these objects out of direct sunlight, since they may dry out and become brittle. Always handle these objects with care when moving them.

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